Military grade security

Eddy Finance eliminates the need to wrap your assets when transferring them to other chains. This reduces the risks associated with wrapped assets, as discussed in "The problem" section above that highlight the issues of wrapped assets.

By using OmniChain Smart Contracts, Eddy is able to reduce the number of attack vectors. This is achieved by eliminating multiple contracts on different chains, removing the need to synchronize states between chains, and eliminating attack vectors resulting from the combination of oracles and relayers. This approach allows Eddy Finance to deploy complex logic in a consolidated location and maximize the security of the protocol.

High liquidity

Eddy improves liquidity for cross-chain swaps by creating unified liquidity multi-chain pools. These pools combine native assets such as ETH, BTC, and MATIC into a single V3-based pool. Additionally, Eddy supports stableswap (Curve-like) pools that include USDC (Arbitrum), USDT (Polygon), and DAI (Ethereum). These stablecoin pools are seamlessly integrated within a single pool using Omnichain Smart Contracts. This enhances trade liquidity and ensures high throughput.

Best conversion and lowest gas

Eddy ensures swaps with minimal risk and slippage. Instead of expensive message-passing, transferring assets on external chains only comes with basic transfer gas fees. Moreover, with the elimination of syncing states - Eddy saves you a lot on gas costs.

Pay gas fees in any token

At Eddy, you don't need to worry about your gas fees tokens. We enable users to pay gas fees in their "from" token and elevate your user experience. Core focus is to bridge the gap between user experience of web2 and web3 and removing gas complexities is the first step towards that future.

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