🖼️Reward NFTs

Eddy NFTs are testament to your actions on Eddy Finance. There 5 challenges to overcome and unlock Eddy NFTs

  1. Aqua Mariner:

    Make a swap on 21 unique days

    • Engage in cross-chain or swap transactions on 21 unique days on Eddy Finance to unlock the prestigious Aqua Mariner NFT

    • Swap only counts if minimum value if $100

  2. Elite Voyager:

    Generate transaction volume of $10,000

    • Unlock the Elite Voyager NFT by generating a transaction volume (swap) over $10,000 on Eddy Finance

  3. Aqua Vortex

    Provide liquidity of $500

    • Unlock the Liquid warrior NFT by providing a total liquidity of $500 into Eddy pools.

    • Please note if you withdraw the liquidity and add again, its only counted once

  4. The Captain

    Generate a cross-chain volume of $2,500

    • Unlock the Captain NFT by moving between chains a transaction volume of $2500

  5. Companion

    Refer 3 friends

    • Unlock the Companion NFT by referring 3 friends or more.

    • Note, a referral only counts when your friend makes his first transaction.

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