📦How to earn Eddy Points

Eddy Points are awarded to the users based on the following actions:

1. Transaction Volume

  • Transaction volume accounts for the volume generated by the user on the following products

    • Cross-Chain (Bridge): Every time you move your assets between any of the supported chains, it is counted towards your transaction volume

    • Swap: Everytime you swap on Eddy Finance, your volume is counted towards to the Total transaction volume.

How do you get points for the volume:

  • You only get points when the minimum transaction volume per transaction is 100USDC

  • For every $100 in volume you get 5 Eddy Points. As a user, you get points in fraction too.

Example 1. A makes a swaps/bridges of $1650 then he/she would get 82.5 points

Example 2. A user swaps/bridges a volume of $80 then he/she would get 0 points because the minimum swap value of $100 was not achieved

2. Liquidity addition

  • Every time the user adds liquidity, they get Eddy Points. For every $100 you add liquidity, you get 5 Eddy Points.

  • Minimum of $100 is required to count towards points.

  • There is a limited time booster for liquidity addition:

    • 5 Eddy points/ 100USD: 0 USD to 2,000 USD

    • 6 Eddy points/ 100 USD: 2,000 USD to 10,000 USD

    • 7 Eddy points/ 100 USD: 10,000+ USD

Example. A user adds liquidity of $12,000 then he gets the following points

  • 0-2000 USD = 100 Eddy Points

  • 2000-10000 USD = 480 Eddy Points

  • 10000-12000 USD = 140 Eddy Points

Total = 720 Eddy Points

3. Referrals (coming soon)

Invite your co-mariners and earn Eddy Points.

  • Everytime you refer a co-mariner, the referrer and the referee both get 20 Eddy Points each

    • Please note that the referral is only counted when the the referee makes a swap of at least $100

  • For every $1000 your co-mariner generates in transaction volume, you get 5 Eddy points

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