Empowering Bitcoin users

Eddy Finance lets you trade your native Bitcoin directly with other assets without having to acquire a wrapped version or derivative, in a single transaction. This functionality opens the door for a vast community of Bitcoin holders to get involved, earn rewards, and trade their Bitcoin while seamlessly integrating it into the larger DeFi ecosystem.

Until now, Bitcoin holders often remained on the sidelines of the DeFi revolution due to the need for intermediary steps like wrapping Bitcoin before use. Eddy Finance changes the game by allowing direct interactions with native Bitcoin through BTC-supported non-custodial wallets. This means that a multitude of previously untapped Bitcoin users and their associated liquidity can now actively participate in the DeFi space, bringing a new wave of potential and innovation.

By enabling Bitcoin to interact seamlessly with other assets in decentralized finance, Eddy Finance sparks a shift towards greater inclusivity and accessibility. As a result, the DeFi landscape becomes richer, more diverse, and, ultimately, more resilient.

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