Q. I had points on Eddy Rewards V1 on the testnet. Do they still hold value?

Yes, we have recorded all the Eddy V1 points and stored them. They will have a weightage in the rewards program. We have also eliminated the bot activity and made sure that those gaming the system get penalised to ensure the fairness of the program.

Q. Do testnet transactions count? How are the points distributed in the testnet phase?

The core objective of the Eddy rewards program on the testnet is to check how the contructs are working and collect early feedback.

On the ZetaChain Athens-3 Testnet, users get 0.01 Eddy Points for any transaction they make on the dApp. This includes swapping, bridging, and liquidity addition.

Please note: These points will be given on in the testnet phase and at the end while calculating your Eddy rewards, get multiplied by a multiplier that is yet to be decided.

Example: A user that collects 1.50 Eddy points in the Testnet phase will eventually be snapshotted as:

1.50 * x (multiplier) = 1.50x

Assume x = 100 then the user gets 150 Eddy points counted towards his final rewards.

Q. Which block is used to count Eddy V2 rewards on Athens-3 testnet?

The last block number was 3,360,400. Users who make a swap, cross-chain transaction, or add liquidity after this block will get Eddy V2 points.

Users who made the transactions before this block number are counted in the Eddy V1 phase

Q. What is Zeta XP?

After the Mainnet launch, users will get 2-sided benefit of using Eddy Finance. Eddy Points and Zeta XP.

Mainnet points on Eddy Finance will hold the highest weightage. Zeta XP is a rewards program by ZetaChain - every user that performs action on Eddy will also get Zeta XP resulting in double benefits

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