Overview of Eddy Finance

Eddy Finance is the first OmniChain DEX built on top of ZetaChain designed to make it effortless to move assets across different blockchains, like BTC and EVM networks. By leveraging Eddy Finance's omnichain pools that aggregate native assets like ETH, BTC, and MATIC into a single pool, users can engage exclusively with native assets, mitigating the risks associated with wrapped assets.

Eddy Finance does more than just native asset transfers. It is the first cross-chain stableswap platform built on Omnichain Smart Contracts. This smart approach allows the creation of stablecoin multi-chain pools within unified liquidity. For instance, Eddy Finance supports a stablecoin pool comprising USDC (Arbitrum), USDT (Polygon), and DAI (Ethereum), all seamlessly integrated within a single pool through Omnichain Smart Contracts.

Moreover, the TSS-based infrastructure enables Eddy Finance to maintain a high level of security and decentralization.

Eddy Finance's special algorithm ensures swaps with minimal risk and slippage. Instead of expensive message-passing, transferring assets on external chains only comes with basic transfer gas fees. This can save you a lot on gas costs.

Eddy router algorithm

Eddy Finance employs a sophisticated algorithm designed to optimize transaction routing through a series of multi-asset pools, taking into consideration the specific attributes and transaction volumes of the assets involved.

For example, in the case of swapping pegged assets such as stablecoins, the algorithm channels users towards specialized cross-chain pools similar to cross-chain Curve-like pools on Eddy Finance (STABLE SWAP Routing for Cross-chain)

Conversely, for transactions involving native assets, the algorithm guides users to Eddy pools resembling UniSwap V3, thereby ensuring a streamlined and high-throughput experience for cross-chain swaps (CLAMM Routing for Cross-chain)

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