🎁Eddy rewards program

Eddy Finance is excited to announce its Rewards Program - Collect Eddy Points and gain a share of the community pool for the $EDDY token.

Please note: Eddy Finance does not currently have a token

Understanding the Eddy Rewards Program

The Eddy Rewards program comprises three core elements:

1. Eddy Points

These reward points are crucial in determining the allocation of Eddy Tokens a user receives at the Eddy Token TGE.

2. NFTs

Within the Eddy Rewards program, we offer a collection of 5 NFTs. By completing tasks, you can unlock these NFTs, which in turn enhance your Eddy Points.

3. Mystery Boost

Successfully unlocking all 5 NFTs triggers a mystery boost, increasing your Eddy Points by a factor of 1.1-1.5x.

Moreover, each transaction you make on Eddy Finance contributes to your Zeta XP, which in turn influences your rewards on ZetaChain.

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