🏷️Products by Eddy Finance

Eddy Finance has a suite of products that empower users to move across chains and maximise their throughputs and explore the ZetaChain ecosystem.

1. Eddy's Cross-Chain Transfers

This is the main product of Eddy Finance and revolves our core ethos: enabling users to seamlessly transfer their native assets across different chains, including BTC and EVM networks. This innovative solution eliminates the need for asset wrapping, making it the most cost-effective and efficient cross-chain platform available owing to Eddy's smart routing logic. By simply connecting their wallets, users can effortlessly move assets between various chains.

2. Swap

This is the highest volume DEX on ZetaChain that allows users to swap out their assets on ZetaChain for one another utilising the most efficient routes. From all the ERC-20s to ZRC-20s, ZetaSwap is the go to place of over 500k users who swap their tokens on the ZetaChain network. Users can also use the ZetaSwap pools to add liquidity and earn fees that is collected by the trades.

With these, we still have a lot more coming your way. Stay tuned and keep moving across chains safely with Eddy Finance.

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