Eddy Finance utilizes decentralised Pyth Oracle Network to fetch prices realtime and empower the bridge, swap, and rewards capabilities on Eddy Finance.

Real-time price used for assets:

  1. BTC

  2. ETH

  3. BNB

  4. ZETA

  5. USDC

  6. USDT

Use cases:

Frontend Integration: Eddy utilizes Pyth's decentralized oracle network through the Hermes REST API to fetch real-time asset prices during swaps directly on its frontend. Eddy has also used pyth contract to fetch the prices on the ZetaChain network to empower swaps.

Rewards Indexer: Eddy employs the same Pyth endpoint for its rewards indexer functionality. This involves calculating the dollar values of trades within the Eddy Finance ecosystem and rewarding users based on their transaction volumes. For instance, users receive points corresponding to their trading activities, with a transparent conversion based on the dollar value of their trades.

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