🎟️How to add/remove liquidity?

Eddy Finance utilises liquidity pools based on UniSwap-V2 factory to empower its cross-chain and swap pools.

To add liquidity to pools, you would need to bridge your assets to ZetaChain using Eddy Finance. You can add the ZRC-20 assets into the liquidity pools and earn the LP fees for both cross-chain and swap transactions. To boost the liquidity and LP rewards, both our transactions are routed through the ZRC-20 pools leading to higher APYs and lower slippage.

Liquidity addition:

  1. Launch Pools on Eddy finance: https://app.eddy.finance/pools

  1. Select the desired pool to add liquidity and click on "Add"

  1. Make sure you have tokens on ZetaChain to add liquidity to the pools: Click on 'Bridge now' from the yellow pill to open the transfer modal

  1. Bridge the desired token from the Native chain to ZetaChain

  1. Enter the amount of tokens you want to add to the pool and sign the transaction.

Voila, you have added liquidity to Eddy Pools

Remove Liquidity from Eddy Finance

  1. Select the desired pool from which you wish to remove liquidity

  1. Click on "Remove"

  1. Select the percentage or the amount of liquidity you wish to remove

  1. Approve, and sign the transaction. Initiate the removal and sign again and voila! You will receive the tokens on ZetaChain which you can bridge to native chain in 1 step again

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